Web Design

It is extremely important to capture a customers attention immediately once they are viewing your website. The rule of thumb for website engagement is to secure the visitors attention within 15 seconds. Any longer and your chances of making a lasting impression diminishes rapidly.




Subtle Recordings needed a platform to showcase their discography, podcasts, webshop and social media links. Much like the music they release, they wanted to portray a message of being revolutionary, pushing the boundaries, a new standard of engagement for record labels.

The logo, larger than life, taking up most of your vision. Try to miss that.. And then the realisation that this website is different from the rest, nothing like what you have ever seen before, a 3 dimensional website that you are controlling. Wow, now you are immersed. You can feel the space, you are connected to the space. You are one with the space, you are one with SubtleRecordings.com.

The first impression a visitor receives when they open SubtleRecordings.com is huge. The instant connection you get from the site is immense. You are intuitively able to navigate the website straight away, not because you have experienced it before, but because you are now an extension of it. You understand the space because you are linked to its position and orientation. As you navigate the area, the first parts of the homepage move out of view and the next parts of the experience reveal themselves, continuing your engagement. New content at every turn. But we don’t want to over whelm you with too much information though. We do, however, want you to have the ability to dive in deeper sourcing any information you require. After exploring the website, soaking up the brands messages and resources, the viewer is left with a lasting impression. Inspired long enough to introduce more potential customers to take part in the unique experience.

For the best results, view using Google Chrome with a mouse controlled wide screen display.