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We are Immersive Reality Limited

A New Zealand based company who create computer generated imagery of your products for all things visual.

We supply photorealistic 3d renders to clients as a cost effective alternative to photography for visualising a product or hero imagery within a professional scene.

Using computer generated imagery (CGI) to visualise products gives you total control, allowing us to create stunning “ultra realistic” product visuals. Using the latest software we are able to fine-tune the best possible material finishes, lighting conditions, and reflective environments to show any product at its absolute best.


 The beauty of your project is in the detail.


Using CGI is both time saving and more economical than photography. We can begin the moment the CAD data is complete. There is no longer a need for costly appearance models and studio hire. Post-production time is also reduced as there is no dust, camera reflections or other imperfections in the virtual environment.

Once the render studio has been created, multiple views and complex animations can be rendered. The process enables us to produce very high resolution images, suitable for large scale exhibitions and promotional or packaging imagery. 

The virtual environment gives you the ability to visualise a product in a spectrum of colour and finish variations, providing a professional and consistent way to display product collections and hero imagery. 

A traditional photo-shoot takes time to initiate, set up, light and rig, and get just right before you even begin to take pictures.  These challenges, among numerous others just don’t exist in the virtual world.


We are able to show your product in the best light possible.


At Immersive we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround, competitive price, flexability, and quality of the 3d rendering products we offer.

So if you think that the services we supply could benefit you and your business, give us a call or simply write your interest in an email and we can walk you through a more in-depth explanation of how realistic rendering can benefit your unique project demands.