Motion Graphics

Videos are easy to consume, comprehend and share.

Businesses are increasingly using video in their arsenal of marketing content as a good way to condense complex wordy information into something visually captivating. It’s also a great way to showcase your brand’s key messages, ideas, and raise awareness of your products or services to a wider audience.




An open brief. The idea for this project was for the logo’s look and design to be driven by interesting animation and shape within the 3d realm. So many logos are created to look 3d, but when the company progresses into having the logo animated, animators start to fall into problems. Designing a logo with movement at the start of creation helps to have a cohesive result. The below example takes advantage of the 3d space and incorporates the message in more than one angle. A physical 3d sign can be generated from this and would draw attention once the viewers discovered the dynamics of the idea. Beautifully loop-able, this hypnotic video has created, in one go, an interesting colour pallet, a unique style to the brands identity and defined a path for the brand to follow.



Tito educational video

Search engines are looking for content that engages viewers. Nothing entices more numerous and longer page views quite like a video. Not only that, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. If you put your video on YouTube as well as your website your visibility and opportunity to show up in searches will be greatly increased. What’s more, if you promote your video via social media, your chances of getting found increases ten fold.



Subtle recordings

Official Music Video for, New Zealand musician, Headland’s track titled ‘Quiver’. Subtle Recordings A-side release.

The video comprises of the vinyl sleeves artwork interacting to the audio. Bass hits cause shake and blur while the timing of the line movement can be choreographed to the tracks composition. Combining pans and cropped shots creates an interesting visual filler for the music.

The artwork for the vinyl sleeve was all comprised out of vector graphics, using Adobe Illustrator, with the end goal of being integrated into Adobe After Effects, where it will be controlled and animated into a simplistic video for YouTube. The vector artwork was able to be interestingly animated due to vectors having a position based point system and infinite scale resolution. Any new releases sleeve artwork can be placed into the After Effects scene where the dynamic animation will be created instantly, driven by a new audio file. The result gives Subtle Recordings brand / campaign a reliably consistent style for future releases.



New zealand poker champs

A series of motion graphics to advertise the New Zealand Poker Champs for the Christchurch Casino. Having animations with different outcomes at the end engages the audience more while being inspiring and also educational.




3d modelling and sample matched material/colour of the UMF Logo for a Manuka Honey Company. Created for use in a Dreamoc Holographic Display. This loop-able animation rotates above a physical jar of honey advertising the high UMF value within it.



Funday Friday

Logo animation to advertise the Christchurch Casino's campaign Funday Friday. Due to the nature of video and having the graphics rendered at a large resolution in layers, the marketing team at the Christchurch Casino had the choice to use any frame that suited best in their campaign for any situation at large scale print resolution.  

Video is a good way to communicate multiple bits of information without overwhelming the audience. Having simple loop videos which seamlessly continue in succession with each message is an effective way to communicate a myriad of unique messages. There is also the ability to swap and change messages if the campaign has different deals etc on separate days.



Road 2 Rome

Logo design and visualisation rendered at a resolution fit for large format printing. The graphics were used to completely cover the interior of the hobby at the Christchurch Casino and on the back of buses and on large posters.



Sequence 07

Artefact - Tribute to Rocket Lab NZ
This video artwork was exhibited at Aftermath Gallery in 2017 celebrating the accomplishment of New Zealand completing a successful mission into space. Data Moshing a form of Glitch Art, where compression of video creates interesting artifacts that artist embrace, is part of the unique effect in the video artwork. The video was not glitched manually by an artist, the data mosh effect was caused from the information being sent from the rocket back to earth, factors like the changing atmosphere and violent movement of the rocket caused the degradation of the information.